Healthy Steps
A while back, when I was trying to break a sugar habit, I made a small change that brought about surprising results. Sugar is not exactly one of my biggest weaknesses, but I knew I had a problem when little by little I found myself adding more and more s (read more)
Losing weight is largely about changing habits - habits that have become so automatic that it's either hard to change them or hard to recognize the need for change. For me, I've got at least a few bad habits that I have been chiseling away at, and the ha (read more)
Clutter, if one has it, can reveal a lot about a person. For me, anytime I take on the task of tackling my clutter, sadly, I find it's like going on a tour of unfulfilled goals or dreams. It reveals a weakness of mine which fortunately is starting to fad (read more)
From dancing to the pool How one exercise took me down and another lifted me back up again Over the years as I continued to gain weight, exercise started to become more difficult. My heart was working harder. I would get so out of breath that sometimes (read more)