Healthy Steps
From dancing to the pool How one exercise took me down and another lifted me back up again Over the years as I continued to gain weight, exercise started to become more difficult. My heart was working harder. I would get so out of breath that sometimes (read more)
The moment that the news came out that my favorite clothing store was about to close its doors, I rushed to see what they had left. I couldn't be left without the final chance to own a few more pieces of clothing from the only store I trusted to have wha (read more)
It was early Saturday morning and the dorms were quiet when I woke up to go to my first ice skating class. I wanted to learn how to skate and to skate well. It didn't matter to me that this class wasn't going to count toward my university credit hours. (read more)
It's amazing to me how a single moment in time can profoundly affect a person, both who they are and how they react to the circumstances that they face in life. There are certain moments in my life that have done just that. One of those moments came whe (read more)