Healthy Steps
Photo: N/A, License: N/A Only twice in my life have I been fortunate to experience happiness so profound that it caused me to both laugh and cry at the same time. Such happiness is unforgettable. I remember precisely what caused it, both times, but it's one particular instance o (read more)
It's a changing world. Everyday there seems to be something new out there, some new gadget, or some other new time-saving technology. In my lifetime I've seen a lot of advancement, and the world I knew when I was young is not the world I know today. A ca (read more)
Afraid to face the truth - that was my reality for probably most of my life. It wasn't like I would have admitted it because I don't think that I truly was aware of the situation the way I am now. Youth and lack of experience in life along with a good do (read more)
Life over the course of time can change quite a bit. Just look back over the years of your life and consider the concept. As I do so, I see that life for me has evolved a little bit at a time to become whatever it has become today. Change is interesting, (read more)