In their state of the county presentation last week, Lackawanna County Commissioners Jim Wansacz, Ed Staback and Patrick O’Malley raised the idea of a countywide high school for the performing arts. That’s not a bad idea. Arts are a crucial but underappre (read more)
The NCAA’s Final Four basketball contenders and hordes of their fans will descend upon Indianapolis this week. But the state Legislature there and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence already have engaged in their own form of March Madness. Embracing bigotry and shame (read more)

Chris Kelly
Photo: N/A, License: N/A Former Scranton Firefighters Union President Dave Gervasi and I were never friendly, but we once had a reluctant professional relationship predicated on a pair of assumptions: He would dismiss anything I wrote as anti-union propaganda and I would treat just about anything he said as crapola. (read more)

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