MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ABDA: A son, Nov. 11, to Albert and Michele Gress Abda, Clarks Summit. BARDEN: A son, Nov. 12, to Eric Barden and Ashley Walker, Scranton. BITLER: A son, Nov. 11, to Ryan and Kristi Gorzkowski Bitler, Scranton. CAMACHO: A daughter, N (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BEAUVAIS: A daughter, Nov. 7, to Bruce and Khara Beauvais, Scranton.BRAZDZIONIS: A daughter, Nov. 8, to George III and Diane Paynter Brazdzionis, Scranton.FRAME: A daughter, Nov. 7, to James Frame and Emily Williams, Scranton.LELI: A (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BABCOCK: A daughter, Nov. 6, to Richard and Autumn Shoemaker Babcock, Montrose. BESKET: A daughter, Nov. 4, to Ryan Besket and Brooke Swingle, Scranton. BROWN: A son, Nov. 5, to Mark and Michele Depew Brown, Falls. CACCAVALE: A daugh (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ARCE: A daughter, Oct. 31, to Reinaldo Arce and Jenipher Tavarez, Blakeslee.CHIAVACCI: A daughter, Oct. 31, to Philip and Justine Fraser Chiavacci, Covington Twp.FOX: A daughter, Oct. 29, to Brandon Fox and Alexus Swingle, Throop.HAR (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL AGUINIGA-CHACON: A son, Oct. 28, to Bladimir Aguiniga-Hernandez and Nancy Chacon-Pastor, Union Dale. ALDABBAGH: A daughter, Oct. 24, to Mohammed Aldabbagh and Amani Ashour, Scranton. CHAMBERLAIN: A daughter, Oct. 24, to Christopher a (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BELCHER: A daughter, Sept. 17, to William Belcher and Stephanie Herne, Scranton. (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BOCZAR: A daughter, Oct. 19, to David Boczar and Jennifer Coury, Scranton. BROWN: A daughter, Oct. 20, to Steven and Jennifer Jacques Brown, Falls. CHLUDZINSKI: A son, Oct. 18, to Christopher Chludzinski and Roshani Patel-Chludzinski (read more)