MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BELCHER: A daughter, Sept. 17, to William Belcher and Stephanie Herne, Scranton. (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BOCZAR: A daughter, Oct. 19, to David Boczar and Jennifer Coury, Scranton. BROWN: A daughter, Oct. 20, to Steven and Jennifer Jacques Brown, Falls. CHLUDZINSKI: A son, Oct. 18, to Christopher Chludzinski and Roshani Patel-Chludzinski (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BIXBY-BOWERS: A daughter, Oct. 17, to Bryan Bowers and Heather Bixby, Susquehanna. CHIARO: A daughter, Oct. 17, to James and Emily Chiaro, Scranton. DE POLEY: A son, Oct. 14, to Richard De Poley and Kristin Trupe, Scranton. HAVRILCHA (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BABUSHKO: A daughter, Oct. 14, to John Babushko and Lauren Trent, Factoryville.BACH: A daughter, Oct. 15, to Kenneth Bach Jr. and Samantha Jean Teetsel, Meshoppen.BANKS-NIEVES: A daughter, Oct. 14, to Porfirio Banks and Lettzarit Nie (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BURKE: A son, Oct. 9, to Tim Burke and Ivy Nataloni, Peckville. HARVEY: A daughter, Oct. 11, to Richard and Jennifer Havran Harvey, Peckville. LAMBERT: A daughter, Oct. 10, to Justin and Christie Bellanca Lambert, Wilkes-Barre. LAMPM (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ALSHAMMARI: A daughter, Oct. 1, to Maslet and Sharifaa Reden Alshammari, Scranton. BELL: A son, Oct. 7, to Mark and Tonya Bell, Newfoundland. BULFORD: A daughter, Oct. 4, to John Bulford and Amanda Brown, Old Forge. CALIXTO: A daught (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ACOSTA: A daughter, Oct. 1, to Carlos Acosta and Brittney Palmiter, Scranton.COURS: A daughter, Oct. 2, to Matthew and Melinda Aiosa Cours, West Abington Twp.DAVIS: A daughter, Oct. 2, to Shaun and Christie Kosciuk Davis, Jessup.FLOR (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BARBERA: A daughter, Sept. 28, to Frank II and Lindsay Snyder Barbera, Pittston. BIGGS: A son, Sept. 29, to Nick Biggs and Justine Mattie, Scranton. COLLINS: A daughter, Sept. 29, to Thomas and Khemthong Sphabmixay Collins, Taylor. G (read more)