MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BAKER: A son, March 15, to Shawn and Kimberly Farr Baker, Susquehanna. CATALANO: A daughter, March 18, to Michael and Carolyn Baldi Catalano, Scranton. HILL-SINGLETON: A daughter, March 18, to Rahiem Singleton and Mariah Hill, Scrant (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BUTLER: A son, March 9, to Justin Butler and Amy McMullen, Scranton. CONCERT: A son, March 7, to Wesley Concert and Linzy Chodnicki, Duryea. CORKER: A son, March 7, to Mark Corker and Mary Mulgrew, Scranton. DECKER: A son, March 6, t (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ALBRECHT: A daughter, Feb. 28, to Bradley Albrecht and Ilene Raguckus, Scranton. BANULL: A son, March 1, to Brittain and Cheryl Patchcoski Banull, Scranton. BOWERS: A daughter, March 6, to Anthony and Jessica Robinson Bowers, Dickson (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL CUMMINGS: A son, Feb. 28, to Michael and Andrea Prokop Cummings, Dunmore. JACEK: A daughter, Feb. 27, to Joshua Jacek and Nicole A. Hubert, Avoca. JENDRYASZAK: A daughter, Feb. 28, to Eric and Kersti Billings Jendryaszak, Avoca. LANP (read more)