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Photo: Submitted Photo, License: N/A, Created: 2014:05:21 10:12:28 I guess I could have picked any place to begin the walk to Compostela, Spain. As I looked at the total route of the French Way, the one feature that stood out was the Pyrenees Mountains. I was enthralled with the idea of Napoleon, and Charlemagne, and their armies crossing them. I wanted to see for myself how difficult it was, not only for them, but for the pilgrims coming from all over Europe. I also thought it would be an adventure, as well as a challenge, to say that I made it across them! (read more)
Photo: Review Photo/ERIC HRIN, License: N/A, Created: 2014:12:08 08:10:27 CANTON β€” Not everyone at the Canton Borough Council table is an elected official. (read more)
Photo: Submitted Photo, License: N/A, Created: 2014:05:20 12:25:41 I saw a documentary, β€œThe River of Light,” over 20 years ago, and the one scene that left an indelible impression in my memory was of a solitary person, walking on a desolate, back-country road with a walking stick and a backpack. His backpack had a sea shell, a scallop, dangling from his pack. The narrator described this person as a pilgrim walking the ancient route across Spain, to the tomb of Saint James the Apostle. (read more)
Photo: Submitted Photo, License: N/A TOWANDA β€” A railroad engine that was a familiar sight in the Towanda area over the past several decades will now have a new home: the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton. (read more)