Healthy Steps
Having tried this diet and that diet over the years, I know just how overwhelming it can seem to have to completely overhaul one's menu. Eat this or eat that, whatever the advice that you may be following, there's certainly a lot of it out there to wade (read more)
A while back, when I was trying to break a sugar habit, I made a small change that brought about surprising results. Sugar is not exactly one of my biggest weaknesses, but I knew I had a problem when little by little I found myself adding more and more s (read more)
Losing weight is largely about changing habits - habits that have become so automatic that it's either hard to change them or hard to recognize the need for change. For me, I've got at least a few bad habits that I have been chiseling away at, and the ha (read more)
Clutter, if one has it, can reveal a lot about a person. For me, anytime I take on the task of tackling my clutter, sadly, I find it's like going on a tour of unfulfilled goals or dreams. It reveals a weakness of mine which fortunately is starting to fad (read more)