Healthy Steps
Fear - that dirty rotten scoundrel has been holding me back - but no more. Diving deep into my psyche, I realize that the one thing that has really been keeping me from true success in losing the weight and getting my health in order has been fear. It's (read more)
Exercise - truthfully, I used to hate it. In some ways I still do. Reps and intervals, sweat and labored breathing, I didn't want it. Why? To me, exercise can be boring and sometimes it can seem like too much work. Personally, I'm not a fan of repetitive (read more)
It seems that every time I read a good weight loss book I am filled with a certain amount of motivation to take on challenges that I might not have taken on otherwise. A few years ago this was most definitely true after reading a weight loss book, "Make (read more)
Not knowing what to do. That's how I felt for so long as my weight climbed up and up, all the way through the 200s and then the 300s. By then I had started to figure things out, but I still had troubles. My weight climbing all the way into the 400s, I kn (read more)