Healthy Steps
"Eat your vegetables. It'll put hair on your belly." This was a statement often tossed my way by my grandfather while I was still a young child, likely within the year before he died. I remember pondering this statement sitting at the dining table, tryin (read more)
As I try to lose weight, those I love may find themselves wondering from time to time what it would take for them to be truly supportive of me in my weight-loss journey. What would it take for them to support me in a manner that I'm going to truly apprec (read more)
Words are a powerful thing. They have the power to build a person up and they also have the power to tear a person down. The problem with words, however well-meaning they can be, is that if a person is not in a place to receive the intent for which they (read more)
It was only last week when people all over the world took down their 2014 calendars and replaced them with new 2015 calendars. With this advent, there's one conversation that often seems to dominate New Year's resolution chit-chat, and that's talk about (read more)