Healthy Steps
Celebrating holidays, for me, is different nowadays than it used to be back when I was much younger. There was a time when, during the holiday season, I didn't even give a moment's thought to the amount of calories that would find their way onto my plate (read more)
Are you ready to take a step toward fighting cancer? If so, then get ready to take some healthy steps this May and June with me at the Relay for Life in Vestal, N.Y. and Wyalusing. The goal that I set in back in 2011 to walk in a Relay for Life is about (read more)
As I flip through old photo albums, the photos take me back in time, giving me a glimpse of how I looked in years past. This simple act strikes up memories of the views I held of myself at each of the times when the photos were taken. Observing the big d (read more)