Healthy Steps
Exercise - truthfully, I used to hate it. In some ways I still do. Reps and intervals, sweat and labored breathing, I didn't want it. Why? To me, exercise can be boring and sometimes it can seem like too much work. Personally, I'm not a fan of repetitive (read more)
It seems that every time I read a good weight loss book I am filled with a certain amount of motivation to take on challenges that I might not have taken on otherwise. A few years ago this was most definitely true after reading a weight loss book, "Make (read more)
Not knowing what to do. That's how I felt for so long as my weight climbed up and up, all the way through the 200s and then the 300s. By then I had started to figure things out, but I still had troubles. My weight climbing all the way into the 400s, I kn (read more)
While travelling out of state recently, I arrived at the building that was my destination and saw a woman sitting near the door in a wheelchair. Her dress was too short to be modest, but it might not have been her fault that she couldn't find a dress lon (read more)
Photo: N/A, License: N/A Only twice in my life have I been fortunate to experience happiness so profound that it caused me to both laugh and cry at the same time. Such happiness is unforgettable. I remember precisely what caused it, both times, but it's one particular instance o (read more)