A fatal ruptured aneurysm caused the accident that Towanda School Board President Pete Alesky was in on Tuesday afternoon in Towanda Township, the Bradford County coroner said.

Alesky was pronounced dead Tuesday afternoon after the pickup truck he was driving crashed into a house and garage earlier that day on South Main Street in Towanda Township.

After an autopsy was performed on Wednesday, it was been determined that Mr. Alesky "expired from a natural demise. The death has been ruled natural. The cause of (Alesky’s) death has been determined to be a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm," according to a press release that Bradford County coroner Thomas Carman issued Wednesday afternoon.

Alesky, 67, had served on the school board since December 2007 and was elected school board president in December 2011.

Alesky, a Franklin Township resident, represented Region 2 of the school district, which consists of Asylum, Franklin, Monroe, and Towanda townships and Monroe Borough.

The remaining members of the school board will appoint someone to replace Alesky on the school board, Bradford County Elections Director Renee Smithkors said.

The person appointed to the position must live in Region 2, she said.

Alesky’s replacement will be appointed to serve on the school board through the end of 2013, she said.

If the person who is appointed wishes to remain on the school board after that, he or she must stand for election in 2013.

In interviews on Wednesday, Towanda school officials remembered Towanda School Board president Pete Alesky as a hard-working, fair-minded, and caring individual.

"I thought he was a very enthusiastic and caring individual," said Towanda School Board member Evelyn Sherburne. "I think as school board president, he was a very attentive listener and very respectful of the diversity of opinion on the school board. I will greatly miss him as a person and as a school board member."

"He was a hard worker," fellow school board member Bob Hettich said. "He did more than his share. He will be hard to replace."

"He was always there," including when the school board had its many tough decisions to make, "and he always gave his opinions. What more can you do as school board member?" Hettich said.

Alesky "was about the best one (school board president)" that the school district has had, said fellow school board member Keith Lamphere.

"He was pretty level headed," Lamphere said. "He liked to hear both sides of the story. And he wasn’t short with anyone."

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