TROY — Mikayla Bristol has found the perfect outlet for her love of sports and art. She created a mural in the girls’ locker room at Troy Area Junior-Senior High School.
It features silhouettes of athletes and is accompanied by a grouping of words arranged in a colorful pattern.
“Hope,” “Teamwork,” “Celebrate,” and “Goals” are a few of the words she included in the artwork.
“When I was little, instead of wanting to grow up and be a princess, I wanted to be an artist,” Mikayla said. “My Grandma Bristol always had fun crafts to do and I think that was when I realized just how much I love art.”
She recalled how the project came about.
“On my first day of physical education this year, Mrs. Seeley was talking to our class in the locker room when she pointed out the new wall,” she said. “She told us how she would love to have it painted for the girls to enjoy and motivate them. It seemed like an amazing opportunity, so I volunteered to do it.”
She noted that the project took a lot of hard work, but said “it has been a pleasure painting this mural.”
“I am so proud to be a part of such a positive thing and I hope that it will further motivate and encourage Troy’s future students to do their best no matter what and to follow their strengths and dreams.” 
Betsy Seeley, high school physical education teacher, said Mikayla is going to college to be an art teacher. 
“She was one of Troy High’s stand-out volleyball players,” Seeley commented.
“She did a wonderful job painting this.”
Seeley called her “a wonderful student and a great role model.”
According to Seeley, Mikayla worked every day, first coming up with the design, then sketching it out and finally painting it.
“ The students absolutely love this and it’s a real inspiration for all our students.”
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