New Review poll topic published on website

The new poll topic for The Daily & Sunday Review website this week is: Your plans for Memorial Day this year involve(d) which of the following?

- Traveling or taking a vacation

- Taking a staycation

- Picnicking

- Attending a parade or ceremony

- Spending time with family

- Working

- Other

Last week's question was: What would you do if you spotted a Sasquatch crossing the road?

As of the end of the poll period on Saturday evening, with 508 responses received, the breakdown was as follows: I would ask it where it got its costume so I could rent one like it on Halloween, 57, 11 percent; I would take a picture with it and post it on Facebook, 142, 28 percent; I would take a cue from the Bronx Zoo cobra & tweet about my adventures as the Sasquatch on Twitter, 8, 2 percent; I'd follow it into the woods to see if there were more like it , 77, 15 percent; I'd get on the phone and call everyone I knew, 47, 9 percent; I would try pulling on its fur to see if it's real, 13, 3 percent; I would try to get my 15 minutes of fame on TV, 15, 3 percent; I would get my eyes checked, 53, 10 percent; I would see my doctor, 16, 3 percent; If asked if I saw the Sasquatch, I would deny, deny, deny, 80, 16 percent.

The poll is not conducted scientifically and cannot be taken as an accurate measurement of community sentiment. It is an interactive feature for entertainment only.

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