The United Way of Bradford County and Chesapeake Energy joined forces on Friday at the Weigh Station Cafe in Towanda as Chesapeake became the first corporate sponsor of the organization's 2013 campaign through a donation of $9,125.

"Chesapeake's generous sponsorship of the 2013 campaign will help cover administrative costs and increase United Way's ability to reach out to residents in all corners of the county while still assuring donors that a projected 97 cents out of a every dollar they give will go directly to families and individuals served by United Way's 44 funded agencies," United Way of Bradford County Executive Director Kerri Strauss said in a press release provided at the presentation.

"These funded agencies serve all of us, from our children in Scouts and 4-H, to our parents and our grandparents who may need meals, a ride or skilled care," she continued. "These agencies educate and enlighten us through libraries, historical societies and museums. They help build self-confidence and character for the young and old and promote physical wellbeing."

According to the organization's website, the United Way of Bradford County has a goal of raising $400,000 from Sept. 15 until Dec. 15, which will be distributed to 44 partner agencies.

"The United Way of Bradford County is excited to partner with Chesapeake Energy in this effort and looks forward to another successful campaign to reach our goal," Strauss said. "Through this ongoing partnership, the United Way of Bradford County is witnessing firsthand Chesapeake Energy's commitment to the communities of Bradford County."

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