TROY - Center Street in Troy is no more.

Recently, the county notified residents that the street was being changed from Center Street to Fenner Avenue as part of the countywide readdressing project.

Troy Borough is located in Region 4, which also consists of Columbia Township, Springfield Township, Troy Township, Wells Township and West Burlington Township.

According to a news release from the county, the delivery of new 911 addresses for this region was to take place between Aug. 27 and today.

All addresses for Region 1, 2 and 3 have been delivered, the county noted. Region 5 addresses have been submitted to the post office for approval, according to the news release.

Residents along Center Street have received their letters, and reaction to the change was mixed Thursday.

"I hate it," Bill Vickery, who lives on the street, said. "I absolutely hate it. My family hates it."

He called the change "typical bureaucratic baloney."

"I just see it as an unnecessary change," he said.

He continued: "You identify yourself with your address. I've been writing it for years."

Vickery was also concerned about the time it will take to change his driver's license and other materials over to the new address.

On the Bradford County Web site, the county had noted that the purpose of the 911 readdressing is to provide addresses in a uniform format that allows the 911 directors, dispatchers and local government officials to communicate with the public during a 911 call and pinpoint the exact location of the call for the emergency personnel.

The change of the Center Street name in Troy has eliminated a duplication of street names in the Troy-Canton area. Before the change, there had been a Center Street in both Troy and Canton. Now, Canton has the only Center Street.

When asked about the Troy residents' reactions, county commissioner Mark Smith said, "I have not personally heard of any issues with this and all road name changes have been decided upon by the local governing bodies.

"Scott Molnar in planning has indicated that our records show: Center Street was a duplicate of N. Center Road in Troy Township, both serviced by Troy Fire Department and in the same postal delivery area. Both were eliminated to allow Canton Borough to keep the name. All three were serviced by Western Alliance."

"If the emergency people don't know what town they're in ... it's just ridiculous," Vickery countered.

Kelly Gordon, another resident on the former Center Street, also didn't like the change.

"I'm used to Center Street," she said. "It's going to be more confusing than it already is."

But another resident on the street, Shane Case, wasn't concerned.

"It's probably a better thing for 911 purposes," he said. "It will be a pain in the butt to get used to, but that's about it."

W. Charles Young, who lives on the street and is the Troy Area School District superintendent, also wasn't displeased and thought the change was a "good thing."

"They (911) will be able to find us faster," he said.

"If you have two places with Center Street, one has got to give," he said.

Fenner Street is named in remembrance of slain Troy Police Chief Ed Fenner, who was killed in 1905.

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