CANTON - It's turning out to be a "banner year" for Canton Borough - pun intended.

New banners in honor of Canton's 150th anniversary were put up this week in town.

They feature the date that the borough was established, 1864, and a design showing buildings in the borough with the words, "Pride in the Past" and "Faith in the Future."

"They look very nice," said Amy Seeley, who is borough administrator and treasurer of the Canton Area Chamber of Commerce. "It's a nice addition."

A local business in town, Schoonover Plumbing & Heating, volunteered to put up the banners.

Eric Schoonover said employees of Schoonover's used the company's lift truck to install the banners on the poles. He said it's part of Schoonover's community outreach. He added that Schoonover's likes to lend its expertise and equipment to make the community a better place.

"I think they're great," he said. "They're very nicely designed banners and I think it's a great way to commemorate the history of our town."

The banners were installed along Troy, Main and Sullivan streets, with the bulk of them on Troy and Main streets.

The 26 banners were a cooperative effort between the borough and the chamber.

In the borough, people had a positive reaction to the banners.

Sylvia Adams, co-owner of Sweet Tooth on Troy Street in Canton, was complimentary.

"I noticed them the other day," she said. "I thought they looked really nice."

"They're bright and colorful."

She liked the fact that the 150th anniversary of the borough was being commemorated.

"That's what I like about small towns," she said. "People are more likely to celebrate things like this."

Glenda Beadnell, the other co-owner of Sweet Tooth, said she thought the banners were very nice. She liked that they were bright.

Laurie Evans, who works in First Citizens Community Bank, said, "we think they look very nice."

"It's advertising Canton in a very nice, homey way and they're pretty, they're colorful."

Tom Ambruch, an employee of Schoonover's, said, "I like them. I like that it brings attention to your hometown."

George Schoonover, a co-owner of Schoonover Plumbing & Heating, said the banners looked good.

"It just gives it a little hometown touch."

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