For the more sinister Troy Area High School football fans out there, there may be something humorous to take away from Saturday's course of events.

Berks Catholic defeated Troy in the PIAA Class AA Quarterfinals 33-6 at the Towanda High School football stadium, effectively dashing local hopes of a run at the state championship for the Troy Trojans.

After the game ended, Berks Catholic students, fans, players and coaching staff filed into charter buses for their three-and-a-half-hour trip back to the Reading area. It lasted all of about 45 seconds.

One of the buses in the convoy came to a grinding halt at the intersection of State Street and Main Street in Towanda as the back end of the vehicle bottomed-out and left a group of about 50 people stranded for 45 minutes.

But there was no killing the mood of the just-victorious Berks Catholic crowd that were now stuck in sub-freezing temperatures outside of The Daily Review office.

With no harsh impact or injuries to speak of, the crowd were all smiles as local fire department members directed traffic and a Towanda Police Officer phoned Fulmer's Recovery and Transport to respond.

A Berks Catholic student who was on the bus, senior Morgan DiAntonio, was quick to joke, "We can play football but we can't drive a bus."

Jean Causa, wife of a Berks Catholic coach and mother to one of the team's quarterbacks said, "When it happened, first we all moved to the back of the bus (to try to redistribute weight and gain traction), but it didn't help."

She noted that if Berks Catholic had lost, it wouldn't have been a fun time.

After about five minutes of waiting near the scene, someone in the crowd spoke up.

"Let's all go eat!" someone in the crowd said exuberantly, as the group began to disperse down Main Street in an attempt to find a suitable restaurant.

"We're helping boost the Towanda economy," someone else said.

By 4:15 p.m., 45-minutes after the incident occurred, the bus was released with the help of a recovery vehicle and its intended occupants began returning to the vehicle.

"We bought a Towanda postcard," Causa exclaimed while returning from a Main Street business.

Aside from some traffic delays on Main Street and a small gash in the asphalt of State Street, there were no negative effects from the incident. The bus was able to be driven from the scene.

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