On Friday morning, Stray Haven Humane Society's Humane Officer Cindy Webster traveled to a property at 864 Hunts Creek Rd. in Nichols, N.Y. with a warrant for the seizure of two dogs that were chained on the property, as well as to recover a deceased dog that was frozen to the ground nearby. Webster was accompanied by Tioga County Sheriff Julie Kipling, who subsequently charged the dog's owner, Charles Sheldon, no age provided, with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, a felony; three counts of Failure to Provide; three counts of Inadequate Shelter; and three counts of Unlicensed Dogs.

According to Webster, Stray Haven was alerted of the situation by an anonymous caller, and immediately arrived to investigate. It was at that time, Webster noted, that they discovered a dog, that appeared to be a Border Collie, deceased, and frozen to the ground. There were two other dogs on the property as well.

After obtaining a warrant for seizure of the animals, Webster contacted the Tioga County Sheriff's office, and was offered the assistance and cooperation of Deputy Julie Kipling.

After digging the deceased dog out of the ice, Webster explained, they were then able to seize the remaining two dogs - one a possible beagle and basset hound mix, and the other an unknown breed. They then placed the deceased dog in a bag for transport to the shelter.

Webster explained that the owner of the dogs appeared to be unemotional at the time of the seizure and unconcerned. She also noted that the owner said the dog had been dead for a month, and he was just waiting for warmer weather so that he could bury it.

Sheldon was issued a summons to appear in the Nichols Town Court on March 12, where he will answer the charges.