Officials representing townships of the second class in Bradford County will convene on Sept 26 at the Troy Fire Hall for their 101st Annual County Convention.

The purpose of the annual convention is to provide township officials with up-to-date information to help them better serve their residents and to give them an opportunity to exchange ideas on local government issues.

The convention will feature a wide range of speakers, including Holly Fishel, director of research and policy development of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors. Fishel will talk about legislation affecting townships of the second class, association programs and services for townships, and issues of major importance to townships and their residents.

The State Association of Township Supervisors represents Pennsylvania's 1,455 townships of the second class, 37 of which are located in Bradford County.

Other speakers who will address the township officials include: Marvin Meteer, Tina Pickett, Matthew Baker, Senator Yaw, Warren Knapp, Greg Dibble, Mary Neiley, Harry Forbes and Mike Lovegreen.

Article submitted by Towanda Township.