Athens Area School District officials continued to discuss updates to the district's facilities use procedure at Tuesday's board of education meeting.

The district's buildings and grounds committee introduced the updated procedure, which revises fee schedules and guidelines for use by outside organizations and community groups, last month. The procedure had not been reviewed in about 10 years, said superintendent Diane Place.

Place said district officials have already begun enacting the new procedures, although they have yet to be formally approved by the board. The procedure, which is available for review on the district's website, will likely be on the agenda for the next board meeting, scheduled for Jan. 8, Place said.

Due to an change in peak energy charges, one change is that the district will likely be unable to host activities in July and August, Place said.

Turning air conditioning units and other large items on during peak times - between 4 and 7 p.m. - in those two months can raise the district's energy bill by over $8,000 for the year, said Ron Fritz, the district's energy manager.

The board agreed to inform groups as soon as possible that hosting activities in July and August is impractical for the district. "There is no way to fairly charge an organization" for the added electric costs, Place said. "The district doesn't want to incur an additional $8,000 charge."

The board also reorganized for 2013 during Tuesday's meeting, unanimously reinstating Karen Brennan as president and Karen Whyte as vice president.

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