Abnormally warm weather earlier in the week has been replaced, once again, with snow covered streets, school cancellations and freezing temperatures.

In spite of that, a large group of people were on hand at the Waverly Presbyterian Church in Waverly, N.Y., as part of a monthly food distribution program for the needy.

The "mobile food bank" is part of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier based out of Elmira, N.Y.

Truck driver for the mobile food bank, Joseph Kent, explained that the Food Bank is looking to extend the distribution range, offering assistance to those outside of Elmira. Many of the needy families in areas such as Waverly previously had no way to reach the food bank in order to receive food rations. The ability to drive a truck to each location where demand for food is high is a great way to help needy families across Tioga County.

Approximately a dozen volunteers were on hand, distributing food to an estimated 125 needy families in the area.

"We generally have approximately 200 families we support each month at this Waverly location, but the weather has cut that number almost in half," said volunteer and event coordinator Kim Paul.

The event is sponsored by The Bridge of the Penn-York Valley Churches, which is a collaboration of local churches in the Waverly/Sayre/Athens area focused on helping at local charitable events where other agencies are unavailable. The Bridge offered volunteers and the church parking lot as headquarters for the event.

The mobile food bank distribution was scheduled to only last an hour, between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., meaning the volunteers did not have to brave the cold weather for long.

More information on the Food Bank of the Southern tier is available at its website www.foodbankst.org. More information for the Bridge of the Penn-York Valley Churches can be found at www.thevalleybridge.org.

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