Waverly resident and mayoral candidate Mark Bakley has resigned from his position on the village's grievance board.

In a release, Bakley said he resigned last Thursday amid concerns regarding back taxes he owes on two properties. "To be crystal clear, this was my choice and I was not influenced or pressured by anyone," he stated.

As of Jan. 7, Bakley owed $3,533.96 in back taxes on the two properties, both located in the village, according to a list of unpaid taxes from Tioga County, N.Y. The properties include Bakley's current residence on Chemung Street as well as the site of his former home on Lincoln Avenue, which was lost to a fire in Feb. 2011. Bakley said in the release that he plans to have the back taxes paid prior to the March 19 election.

"The grievance board is the only time when my neighbors and village residents have the opportunity to grieve for their sometimes over-assessed homes," Bakley said in the release. "I would never want anyone to feel awkward or uncomfortable discussing or challenging the village appraiser with their property assessment."

Bakley announced his intention to run for the mayoral seat, currently held by Kyle McDuffee, last week, joining village resident Martin Borko as a candidate.

The Waverly village office continues to accept petitions for open offices until Feb. 12 for the election.

In addition to the two-year mayoral seat, three trustee seats for two-year terms and the village justice position are up for vote in 2013.

McDuffee said at Tuesday's village board meeting that the board hopes to appoint an interested village resident to fill Bakley's term on the grievance board as soon as possible. Grievance day is the third Tuesday in February, making the filling of the post a priority, he said. Those interested are asked to contact the village office.

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