Cleanup was taking place Friday at Barefoot Pellet Company on Route 14 in Troy Township, where a fire broke out Thursday evening in a dry storage shed.

When asked for comment Friday, Roy Cummings, president of the company, said the damage to the shed had not been assessed yet.

However, he said, the blaze hadn't affected manufacturing, and he expected things to be "up and running" Monday morning.

On the night of the fire, one worker who suffered smoke inhalation was transported to Troy Community Hospital by Western Alliance Emergency Services.

Cummings said the worker is doing OK.

On Friday, he said everyone was "just making the best of a poor situation."

The fire broke out shortly after 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

Cummings said he believed that a malfunction occurred in a front end loader, catching sawdust in the storage shed on fire.

After getting the fire under control, firefighters wetted down the large piles of sawdust in the shed. It was also being hauled out by heavy equipment and placed outside.

Kalpesh Thakar, the manager of the Troy Motel across the road, took some photos of the raging fire, prior to the arrival of firefighters.

He said it was a scary scene, with lots of black smoke.

Bradford County Fire Wire shows the time of the call at 6:34 p.m.

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