After a six year tenure at 508 Main Street, Baskets Blooms and Beyond will be moving just three blocks down the street to inside Ben Franklin Crafts in Towanda.

It's been a busy week for the craft store as they clear storage space in anticipation of the flower shop moving in to the building. The move is going to force both businesses to become more efficient with space, but both Ben Franklin Store Manager Jay Cory and flower shop owner Lynn Daly said customers won't notice a difference.

"The only thing we are eliminating are greeting cards, because Ben Franklin has the same brands," Daly said.

Baskets Blooms and Beyond will be aligning its hours with Ben Franklin, Daly explained, equating to an increase of 13 hours per week.

She said the business is moving because its current location is simply too large.

"Right now we have about three times the square footage that we really need," Daly said.

Cory said the flower shop is moving into storage space and will not reduce the size of Ben Franklin's current selling floor. He said Daly is leasing an area of about 500 square feet, which effectively cuts Ben Franklin's inventory space in half.

"We are going to have to get more aggressive with inventory," Cory said.

Daly's business will be located towards the back of Ben Franklin, which will likely bring more foot traffic to both businesses, Daly and Cory agreed.

Cory said the deal between businesses is a match made in heaven.

"I've been looking for someone to lease this space for two years," he said, "and it had to be a business that would compliment ours, not take away from it."

He explained that neither business is in direct competition with one another, but there are situations where they can help each other.

"For example, they sell bridal arrangements, and we sell bridal favors. They do tuxedo rentals, and our fabric department manager is a seamstress," Cory said.

In Daly's case, she said, "Sometimes people buy items to be added to an arrangement. Now they can do it all in the same building." She also said she can arrange silk flowers that Ben Franklin sells if requested.

Cory said the storage area which will be used to house the flower shop simply wasn't being utilized correctly, which has allowed the move to happen without sacrifices.

Daly outlined a time frame for the move.

This Saturday was the last day Baskets Blooms & Beyond is open at its current location.

"We will still be taking phone orders," Daly said, "but Saturday is our last day here." Orders can be placed at (570) 637-3863 while the move is in progress.

She said the business will reopen inside Ben Franklin Crafts on Monday, Jan. 20.

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