On the heels of its new name and logo, BeST Transit has announced the addition of a bus powered by compressed natural gas to its fleet.

The Ford R450 bus is an ADA-accessible 18-passenger V10 vehicle and will be used on BeST Transit's general public fixed route. Funding was provided by the state Department of Environmental Protection's Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant.

BeST Transit, operated by Endless Mountains Transportation Authority and managed by River Valley Transit, provides public transportation in Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga counties.

"The Northern Tier has been a major focal point in the natural gas industry the past few years," River Valley Transit general manager Bill Nichols said. "It only makes sense to add a more efficient vehicle that parallels Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale gas movement in these same communities."

The fueling costs associated with using CNG can be about one-third less than diesel or gasoline, according to DEP. It's also noted that CNG burns cleaner than conventional gasoline or diesel, making this vehicle more friendly to the environment.

In Bradford County, there are two public CNG fueling stations available through Williams Oil Company.

For additional information, contact BeST's customer service department at 1-800-242-3484, ext. 222, for BeST fixed route scheduled or shared ride applications. BeST's website is www.gobesttransit.com.

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