TOWANDA - There was good news Tuesday when bids were opened for the third phase of the construction of the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park in Towanda.

The low bid of $22,750, which was submitted by Middendorf Contracting of Towanda, was close to the amount that was budgeted for Phase 3, said Jason Clapp, a project manager with Strosser Architecture of Danville, which has been working on the design of the park.

The amount budgeted for Phase 3 was $22,000, he said, adding that he was happy with the bid.

Middendorf's bid "fits well into our budget," said Joe Doherty, a spokesman for the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park Association, which has been raising the funds for the park's construction.

Phase 3 includes the installation of approximately 2,200 granite pavers, each 4 inches by 8 inches, and 300 one-foot by one-foot pavers, Towanda Borough Manager Kyle V. Lane said.

A total of 973 of the small pavers and approximately one-third of the larger pavers will have been engraved by the time they are installed, Doherty said.

The rest of the pavers will be installed blank and will be available to be engraved at a later time, Doherty said.

Phase 3 also includes the installation of some concrete sidewalk areas and the installation of a one-ton vertical monument, measuring four feet by 5 1/2 feet, on which will be engraved a poem titled, "The Veteran," by John Kozin, officials said. Kozin, who is a Philadelphia policeman, is a highly decorated Vietnam War hero, Doherty said.

Phase 3 also includes some seeding.

"It will be much more of a park" when Phase 3 is complete, Clapp said. "It will be something to see."

The first two phases of the park's construction are complete.

The pavers and monument are tentatively scheduled to arrive in Towanda in September, Doherty said.

If they arrive on time, Phase 3 would be completed by mid-October, Clapp said.

There were two bids submitted for Phase 3. The other bid, which was for $29,500, was submitted by Dycon Construction Northeast LLC of Pine City, N.Y.

Strosser Architecture will now review Middendorf's bid, Clapp said.

It will be the Towanda Borough Council's decision on whether to accept one of the bids.

After Phase 3 is completed, benches and additional monuments will be installed in the park. The association is raising funds to pay for the additional monuments.

The park is intended to honor veterans from Bradford County and other locations.

The park, which is located on land owned by Towanda Borough, is bordered by the Merrill Parkway, the Robert Farley Connector, state Route 2027 and U.S. Route 6.

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