Bradford County is now accepting applications to participate in its newly established flood-related housing rehab program.

The county's entire $248,440 allocation of federal Community Development Block Grant dollars for 2012 is being spent on the program, said Robyn D'Anna, the county's coordinator for CDBG and housing rehab programs.

D'Anna said she didn't know how many homes could undergo rehab projects through the program, because it would depend on the cost of the various rehab projects. "It could be as low as four (homes), or it could be 10 or more," she said.

Homes that were flooded in 2011 and which still have "issues" related to the flooding would be eligible to participate in the program, D'Anna said.

Only single-family, owner-occupied homes can participate in the program, which benefits low- to moderate-income people, D'Anna said.

The rehab projects could address any number of issues, such as a furnace that was damaged by flooding, or mold in the home, D'Anna has said.

The program will not reimburse homeowners for housing rehab projects that they have already completed, she has said. They program is for flood-related housing rehab projects that have yet to be done, she said.

When the commissioners allocated the $248,440 in CDBG dollars to the program last spring, they said there was still a need to assist flood victims.

If interested in participating in the program, call D'Anna at (570) 268-4103.

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