Sunday at the 50th Annual Bradford County Old Timers Celebration in East Smithfield, two boys were placing shucked ears of corn into a three-foot-high machine, which was estimated to date from the 1930s.

By turning a hand crank on the machine, it would strip the ears of their kernals.

However, "You wouldn't want to operate it by hand, if you could help it," said Jennifer Wittie, vice-president of the Bradford County Old Timers.

Instead, farmers in the early part of the 1900s would use a belt to hook the machine up to a gasoline-powered utility engine that would run it, which is what the Old Timers did in a demonstration on Sunday afternoon.

The engine, which was estimated to date from the late 1940s, could be used for other purposes on a farm, too, such as powering a pump to draw water from a well, or powering a washing machine, members of the Old Timers said.

During the three-day celebration, which ended on Sunday, there were also antique tractors and antique cars on display, tractor-drawn wagon rides, kiddy pedal-pulls, live country and bluegrass bands, food, and more.

A mainstay of the annual celebration are demonstrations of a 1942 sawmill, which had been dismantled and then reassembled permanently on the grounds of the East Smithfield V.F.W. post, which is where the annual celebration is held, said Dale Chandler, a member of the Old Timers.

The sawmill had previously been part of the Kingsley Brothers sawmill operation in the center of East Smithfield, where it had been used to process wood that had been lumbered in Bradford County, according to Gerald Chandler, a member of the Old Timers' board of directors.

New this year at the celebration were Civil War re-enactors who camped out over the three days as if they were in the war.

On Sunday afternoon, the re-enactors gave demonstrations involving the firing of Civil War cannons and rifles, and showed how the soldiers cooked their food.

The Old Timers said they began the annual show in the early 1960s in a resident's front yard in the area.

It moved to the V.F.W. grounds in 1966, where there was more room, Gerald Chandler said.

Today, the Old Timers have over 300 members, according to officers of the organization.

The Civil War re-enactors said they would be back at next year's celebration.

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