The excitement level is high in the Bradford County Veteran Community.

The Towanda Borough Council has given the go-ahead to the memorial park association project manager to open bid solicitation for stage two of this landmark Veteran honorarium facility in downtown Towanda. If all goes as expected, construction will start next month.

The volunteer staff of BCVMPA enthusiastically focuses on completion of each phase of the project with an eye toward that final opening day. Upon completion of this second stage of the project, BCVMPA wishes to inform the public who have purchased granite pavers they are to be installed in the next phase which is now on the drawing board.

BCVMPA Executive Officer Dr. Tim Hoffman and the founder of the association Joe Doherty wish to thank the public for their support. The purchase of granite pavers to honor veteran family members is an important part of the necessary funding for the third stage of the project. Recent cost-cutting changes to the overall design of the park have reduced the total amount of pavers to be installed from 5000 down to 2160 and they are going fast. Doherty says there is still time to honor your loved one in the park and it's easy to do. A link to the granite paver program is supplied at Or you can call Doherty at (570) 596-3224; he will mail or fax a form to you without charge and without delay.

Any veteran from any era of our history, peacetime or war is eligible for a paver in the park. The $75 cost per paver is the lowest price possible and will remain at that level until this portion of our project programs come to a close. When phase 3 is complete and all the pavers are installed; there will be a substantial additional charge for new pavers.

If anyone is unsure whether they already purchased a paver, please call our CFO Kathryn Field at (570) 265-8108 for verification.

Once again and on behalf of the entire veteran community of Bradford County, thank you for your support. Without you participating in this project it would not be possible.