Burlington Borough Council has reorganized, and approved a 2013 spending plan that lowers taxes.

Recently, council appointed Jerri Renzo president; Gary Wolfe, vice president; and Kay Smith, secretary-treasurer.

Council is rounded out by members Bruce Wittie, John Butts, and Jay Sanabria. The mayor is Larry Sherman.

The council solicitor is Jonathan Foster.

The 2013 budget was passed, lowering taxes from 1.75 mils to 1.25 mils.

Renzo said council was able to lower taxes because the borough's bills have decreased, and the natural gas impact fee money has helped the borough's financial situation.

Burlington Borough received $17,244.38 in impact fee money.

Council has also decided to use some of the money to improve safety and the costs of the crosswalk and bus stop signs, and is contemplating other uses for the funds.

Recently, council approved an earned income tax ordinance, which ensures the tax revenue comes back to the borough.

Council is working on a flood plain ordinance, and the public will be invited to a meeting in the spring where they can get information on the ordinance before it is passed.

"They can give us their input also," Renzo said.

Council will focus on safety on this year.

Currently, council is working with PennDOT for school bus stop signs to be installed on the Berwick and Burlington turnpikes.

The signs will make motorists aware of the buses stopping at those locations.

Council is also working on getting a cross walk sign for the cross walk on Route 6 by the Dandy Mini Mart.

The borough will have the crosswalk repainted by Lines by Lou to make it more visible.

Council has signed a contract with Robert's Paving to keep the Cemetery Road clear.

Renzo reminded residents to please keep their sidewalks clear after a snowstorm, so people don't have to walk in the road.

The positions of tax collector and auditor will be open, because those holding the positions are not seeking re-election, she added.

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