Animal Care Sanctuary (ACS) announces the opening of the Animal Care Community Clinic for low-cost spay and neuter.

In meeting with other shelters and many people in the community, the cost for spaying and neutering animals has become a hardship for many due to the economic crisis. The area surrounding ACS presents a number of unique challenges in regard to population control of companion animals.

Bradford County is a rural area with a high number of farms, which often have animals dropped off on their land, with people expecting the farmers to feed and care for them, which is a tremendous expense without even considering spaying or neutering.

The ACS Board of Directors and on-site veterinarian, Alaire Smith-Miller, formerly of Minnequa Veterinary Cottage, were committed to opening the clinic on the sanctuary grounds. A mobile home was gutted and retrofitted by ACS' Maintenance Coordinator Jesse Newell and assistant Charles Rumsey. It includes a reception area, exam room, a pharmacy and lab, a surgical room and a recovery room.

The community clinic will be in a separate facility from the veterinary service area of the Animal Care Sanctuary's own animal population, in order to avoid the spread of disease.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at 10 a.m. on March 4. In attendance was Sarah Speed, representing the Humane Society of the United States; Jacqueline Kingsley, East Smithfield Township Supervisor; ACS board members and staff. Eleanor Hill, marketing director of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce, coordinated the event.

The veterinary team, Smith-Miller, DVM and Rachelle Shaffer, veterinary technician opened the clinic on March 8. The clinic has a full schedule through the month of March. For more information or to make an appointment contact ACS at (570) 596-2270.

This press release was submitted by Animal Care Sanctuary.