A team from Gannon Associates is back from California, and the knowledge they bring back with them

will help their clients negotiate the minefield of health care reform.

Lynn Noble, vice president of the life and health division at Gannon Associates, reports that he and two other benefits specialists underwent four days of intensive lectures and interactive sessions at the 2013 Benefits Selling Expo in San Diego. The focus was on the Affordable Care Act, known formally as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) and familiarly as "Obamacare." What they brought back with them will be invaluable to employers and individuals alike who will be required by the start of 2014 to obtain "minimum essential coverage" or face costly penalties.

Joining Noble in San Diego were Sara Sivers, Benefits Producer, and Tim Murray, Benefits Producer. All three took a giant step toward certification under the provisions of the PPACA, earning eight of the 19 credits required for that rating. Noble reports that by the autumn of this year, seven employees will have earned that certification from the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). Subsequently Gannon Associates expects to have at least 10 of its employees accredited.

"We go out and meet with our clients at least three times a year on health insurance and they need to know what they'll need to comply with the Affordable Care Act," reports Noble, who says that, by attending one of the first intensive national forums on health care reform, they are even better equipped to meet these challenges on behalf of clients.

There are significant penalties for businesses who don't comply by making the required health care coverage available to their employees. The Gannon team has the expertise to advise employers and guide them through the upcoming changes. That means dealing with Department of Labor audits that could result in costly fines of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per employee each day they remain uncovered.

"By taking this intensive training and being among the first to receive the NAHU certification, we will have the background to be able to sit down with government and industry experts to learn the nuances of "Obamacare" and use their knowledge to benefit our clients," explains Noble.

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