Voters will decide on Nov. 5 whether incumbent Stephen Pelton or challenger Debbie Roth will win a six-year township supervisor position in Franklin Township. The Review sent questionnaires to both candidates. Only Roth answered the questionnaire. Roth's answers are printed below verbatim:

Name: Debbie Roth

Age: 40

Address: Rt. 414 Monroeton (Franklindale)

Office sought: Franklin Township Supervisor

Political party: Registered Republican, won Democratic Nomination in the Primary Election

Occupation: Homemaker, farmer, chief cook and bottle washer

Education: Towanda High School graduate - class of '91.

1. Why are you seeking the office?

I am interested in the cleanup and growth of Franklin Township. I also want the public to feel that their ideas and concerns are being heard.

2. What are your credentials for being an effective representative?

I am a "regular" person. I am not involved in big business or large professional farming operations. I have a variety of work experiences dealing with people. I learned a lot from my dad, who was mayor of Monroeton for many years, so it may be genetic. I am an active member of the Franklindale Christian Church and all things are possible through Him.

3. If you are the incumbent, what have you done to deserve re-election?


4. If you are a challenger, what have you done to prepare for holding the office?

Over the last year, I have spoken to a lot of township residents and have listened to their concerns. They all have one thing in common - frustration with a lack of communication.

5. What are the top three issues as you see them and what would you do about them?

A. Drug Problem - I would like to find out what needs to be done to keep these offenders off the streets for a longer period of time. Arrests are being made by law enforcement and the criminals seem to be right back to "business as usual" within hours.

B. Community Growth - I would like to see township residents interested about what is going on. I would also like fellow residents to see positive action in our community, that they could feel they were a part of. We have a new bulk food store that has recently opened and that is something we can be excited about.

C. Erosion along Creeks - Many of these creek beds are full of gravel and debris that has washed up during flooding. This creates a larger problem each time we get a large amount of rain upstream. These creeks are not able to flow within their banks and they are washing away a large amount of soil, which is destructive to the landowners.

6. In the coming years, how would you like to see your municipality use its revenue from the impact fee on gas drilling?

It would be nice to see Franklin Township making improvements that will do some good for a period of time, whether it be with road conditions or creek beds. These are problems that have not been fully addressed year after year and they are not getting better.

7. What is your philosophy about taxation?

Taxation is a necessary evil. It needs to be kept in constant check to be sure tax money that is being collected is being used properly. No one wants to pay more taxes, so it is very important that money is not spent foolishly.

8. How have you been campaigning?

I have been talking to a lot of people, letting residents know what my thoughts are and have been listening to a lot of complaints. I feel that many of these residents are interested in the idea of a new face on the Franklin Township Board of Supervisors. "If You Are Not Part of the Solution, Then You Are Part of the Problem."