CANTON - The Canton Borough Authority recently updated the borough and Canton Township about some planned work on its wastewater treatment plant.

Les Hilfiger, Borough Authority manager, talked about a preliminary step that had to be taken.

According to Hilfiger, the authority is required to do an "Act 537 special study" for the borough and township, as part of its permitting process with the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

"The special study basically describes that the CBA (Canton Borough Authority) intends to expand its wastewater treatment plant outside its current fencing, to facilitate additional equipment required to upgrade the plant," he said, when asked for comment. "The Act 537 plans are basically borough and township plans with DEP, describing how each will handle wastewater disposal within their communities."

Since the Act 537 plans are actually plans of the borough and township, he said, they are required to adopt these changes to "their plans," in the form of a resolution. It was noted at meetings of both municipalities that this action will coming up in the near future. Hilfiger attended the meetings of the borough council and township supervisors along with Dennis P. Lingenfelter with Uni-Tec, which is working with the borough authority.

The property required to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant will be acquired from WIP Inc. either by purchase or Eminent Domain, Hilfiger noted. He said solicitor David Brann has filed the preliminary paperwork at the courthouse to start this process in motion.

"All of this is a process required to apply for funding with PENNVEST," Hilfiger said. "The level of funding (grant vs. loan) will determine if we feel the community can afford to proceed with the project."

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