CANTON - I had to laugh when Jodie Bardo, the Canton Fireman's Fair coordinator, made a pun Friday at the fair.

She was talking about the Canton Garden Club being brand new to the fair this year.

"We hope they come back next year, and it's something that grows with them," she told me.

I pointed out to Jodie that her use of the words "grows with them" in regard to the garden club could be interpreted as mischievous word play, and she flashed a little grin.

Clearly, her pun was an unintended one.

Indeed, a lot of growing has been going on this summer, judging by the floral displays at the garden club's table.

Betsy Clark of Ralston was manning the garden club's table, and she said there were 30-40 floral displays by both garden club members and non-garden club members.

"The orchids smell beautiful," said one visitor, Bev Segur of Canton. "I'm a flower person."

Betsy said that the garden club let fairgoers judge the floral displays and decide the winners. "People's Choice" ribbons were awarded to the winners.

"We let people decide what appealed to them," she said.

Here were the first-place winners: Fresh arrangement, Julie Parker of Canton; Individual, Julie Parker of Canton; Houseplants, Marie Harkness of East Canton; and Dry Arrangement, Judy Gatti of the Canton area.

Betsy said there were a wide variety of flowers on display.

When asked if the garden club would be back at the fair next year, she said the prospects looked good.

"I think they probably will."

I hope the garden club members do come back.

They kind of grow on you.

Pun intended.

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