CANTON - A proposed floodplain ordinance was discussed at the Canton Borough Council meeting this week.

With the new FEMA maps that will be adopted by the end of this year, Amy Seeley, borough administrator, told council Monday that the borough needs to adopt a new floodplain ordinance that conforms to the maps.

A FEMA official had reviewed the borough's proposed ordinance, she noted.

The official said that some dates needed to be inserted, but everything else is "right on target," according to Seeley.

Seeley discussed the issue of the floodplain administrator with the FEMA official, and according to Seeley, the administrator will be established by resolution every year, and the responsibility will be shared by Code Inspections and Seeley.

Seeley said that there is a 30-day wait period, after the ordinance is adopted, before it comes into play. The target date for adoption is no later than September.

Council agreed to lock into electric rates with First Energy, if it is a cost savings to the taxpayers.

The borough's current rate is .0701, and First Energy's rate is .07144 for 24 months and .07115 for 36 months.

Seeley asked council whether it wanted to lock itself into the fixed rates to protect itself over the next few years. Seeley said the experts expect the rates to be going up over the summer.

Seeley noted that APPI Energy recommended 36 months, and council agreed to go ahead with locking in the rates for 36 months with First Energy, contingent upon Seeley verifying the risks and savings and whether the Canton Volunteer Fire Department can join in. Canton Fire Chief J. Scott May expressed interest for this at the meeting.

Outdoor furnaces had to be shut off on April 30, and in regard to whether exceptions could be made in the event of the cold weather, Seeley stated this is allowed, if the resident contacts the borough office first.

Council agreed to advertise for part-time officers. Canton Police Chief Doug Seeley said he isn't sure yet how many he wanted to hire. They will be hired under the Civil Service Act.

Council will email to get bids for anti-skid quotes, if necessary.

Amy Seeley said Charlie Rockwell thanked the borough for removing the hundreds of small branches in the park cemetery.

She noted that the volleyball courts are in need of repair, but she questioned if the work is needed, given that they aren't used much.

She said that two loads of sand may be needed.

The borough administrator suggested that residents contact the borough office to indicate whether they are interested in using the volleyball courts, so the borough can gauge the interest in the facilities.

She noted that the tennis courts will be resurfaced by the fall. Grant money is paying for the work.

Spring cleanup is the week of June 10.

Amy Seeley said the e-recycling drop-off day at the street shed will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 12.

She noted that the Covered Device Recycling Act of 2010 is now in play, which prohibits televisions from being taken to the landfill. She said they will have to be separated, as a result of the regulations.

She said that "there will be a little more sorting for us" as a result of this.

In response to a question from council member Darryl Jannone as to whether burn barrels had to be emptied to be picked up at spring cleanup, she said that they didn't need to be empty; however, she said they can't be hot, with hot ashes in them.

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