CANTON - LaVonna Clark of Canton had a printer that was just sitting in the basement collecting dust.

So, she brought it to Canton Borough's Computer and Electronics Drop-off Day Wednesday at the borough street shed.

This event was hosted by Canton Borough to dispose of obsolete electronic equipment free of charge in an environmentally-safe way, according to a news release from the borough.

Clark thought the event was "awesome." She also dropped off an old laptop computer at the street shed.

As people brought in their old computer and electronics items, the pile of discarded electronics grew: printers, telephones, fax machines, computers, keyboards and more.

With all the junk piled up, it looked a little like the interior of the Sandcrawler from "Star Wars."

Canton Police Chief Doug Seeley disposed of an old fax machine that wasn't working anymore, as well as an old electronic typewriter that had seen better days.

"It's a good idea," he said. "It's a good way to help people get rid of their old computers."

He said the amount of items brought in was down this year, compared to previous years.

He thought it was possibly because people fix things more than they used to.

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