CANTON - There's good news for taxpayers in the borough.

Canton Borough Council is proposing to hold the line on taxes for 2013.

On Monday, council met in a continuation of its last meeting to discuss the proposed budget.

According to borough administrator Amy Seeley, taxes for all the funds would remain unchanged at 18.39 mils.

"I'm not recommending an increase," she told council.

Council agreed to advertise an ordinance for the fixing of the tax rate for 2013. Council also voted to advertise the notice to review the budget.

Seeley also spoke about the pool in regard to the budget.

"I think we need to definitely look at the pool some," she said. She noted that "our payroll is basically what our revenue is" at the pool.

"I think we just need to look there and see if there's things we can cut or ways to make more income," she said.

"I think (council member) Dianna (Thompson) and I will try to meet with some people in January, February, March before we go to open and see if there's some changes we can bring to the table or suggestions we can make," Seeley said. "That was just a little astounding when I totaled that up."

Across-the-board raises of 2.5 percent are being proposed for borough employees, except for lifeguards. The raises, however, are subject to final approval by council. Also next month, a final vote on the budget is to take place.

Seeley also talked to council about the Act 13 impact fee money, which is the fee is levied on companies that drill for natural gas.

Canton Borough has been allotted $111,839.56. Seeley advised council of the necessary action that would have to be taken regarding the inclusion of the Act 13 money.

What constituted an allowable use for the money was a concern, and council decided to play it safe.

"This year, I think, if we leave it just for paving roads, we'll be OK, because that's a definite allowed usage, and West Union Street really needs to be done so it's a good place to put it," Seeley said. She expressed hope that the cost, estimated at $121,000 by PennDOT, could be lower.

She was in support of seeing others "test the waters" regarding the use of the Act 13 money.

In a witty aside, council president Ken Robertson, meanwhile, made a budget-related comment, saying that "at least we're not driving off the fiscal cliff."

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