CANTON - Canton Borough Council gave the nod to some residents Monday seeking to make their town a better place.

Council member Darryl Jannone said he supported anything for "Warrior pride" or "community pride."

Residents Paige Vanryn, Brenda Wolcott, and Jason Sawtell talked to council about their plans about a cleanup and some improvements. Council gave its blessing to their idea.

During the public comment period, Vanryn was the first to speak.

She expressed support for organizing a town cleanup, with the council's support.

She wanted it to be a community effort, and perhaps get some local businesses involved, to get things cleaned up.

Wolcott spoke of redoing the Little League field, and giving the dugouts some attention.

She also wanted to put an "actual" swing set at the War Memorial Park, noting the swings that are there are old.

She liked the idea of a "good, commercial swing set," noting that money could be raised to pay for the cost.

"There's a lot of people that really want to do good things for the children down there," she said.

Wolcott was positive about the potential of making a difference.

"I think if we get it started, a lot of people will step up," she commented.

Jannone thought she "hit the nail on the head" as far as taking ownership and making a difference.

Wolcott, noting that she wanted to check with various people so they didn't step on anyone's toes, said they would create some fliers, once they got the go-ahead.

She thought it was a great opportunity.

After she mentioned students possibly getting involved for community service, Amy Seeley, borough administrator, noted that she has been talking with the coach about getting the football players involved with some projects.

Canton Fire Chief J. Scott May also expressed a willingness for the fire department to be involved.

"I think council is definitely behind it," Seeley said. "Keep me posted if you need anything from us."

Wolcott said they would start to do some advertising.

Seeley and council president Ken Robertson expressed their appreciation.

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