CANTON - Borough council is moving ahead to address the issue of tractor-trailer traffic on a cluster of borough streets.

According to Canton Police Chief Doug Seeley, there is continual traffic on the streets.

He said five different trucking companies, headed for Canton Manufacturing, are causing street and property damage as a result of using the streets.

Following a previous joint committee meeting, chief Seeley said the committee members proposed posting the streets so that no "18-wheeler" truck traffic would be allowed on them.

This matter came up at council's regular monthly meeting Monday.

Council plans to vote at its March meeting on amending the motor vehicle ordinance to make the change.

The change would involve not allowing this particular truck traffic on Fassett Street, Montague Street, South Washington Street, and East Second Street.

The required advertisement before the vote will take place. Council authorized Amy Seeley, borough administrator, to handle the advertisement.

Trucks will be encouraged to use Brann Street, which has been repaved to handle this kind of traffic.

Earlier, the police chief had said the trucks are taking out stop signs and also going in people's yards because they can't make the corners.

He said Canton Manufacturing is at the east end of Second Street.

Chief Seeley had noted that the drivers should be using Brann Street, but their GPS units are telling them to use the other streets.

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