CANTON - Canton Borough Council decided to continue its meeting that took place this week.

According to borough administrator Amy Seeley, borough council president Ken Robertson continued the meeting for budget purposes.

The announcement was made after council met in executive for roughly an hour for personnel reasons.

The continued meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 18 in the council chambers.

Several budget-related items were listed on the meeting agenda, including the distribution of budget sheets, budget discussion, 2014 wages, the advertising of an ordinance for the fixing of the tax rate for 2014, the advertising of an ordinance for the occupation tax rate for 2014, and the advertising of the notice to review the budget.

In other business, council member Dianna Thompson provided the War Memorial Pool report.

She noted that the computer unit was sent in to ChemTrol to be serviced. She said she has pricing regarding servicing and upgrading, and will be discussing the upgrade with the Recreation Association regarding financial assistance.

In addition, Thompson said a meeting was held with held with Patterson Stevens, borough administrator/secretary Amy Seeley, street superintendent Kurt Bastion and street employee David Groover regarding the failing of the resurfacing product throughout the pool. Patterson Stevens will be contacting the manufacturer of the resurfacing product and requesting they do a site visit, she said.

"We are waiting to put water back in the pool after the proposed site visit with AquaFin," she noted.

Thompson said Schoonover's has winterized the pool.

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