CANTON - Borough council will be reviewing the borough's motor vehicle ordinance to see if new language is needed to prohibit on-street parking following snowstorms.

The matter was discussed at this week's borough council meeting.

Amy Seeley, borough administrator, told council that, with the recent snowstorm, the issue of plowing with cars on the streets arose.

"I think as we delve into reviewing that motor vehicles ordinance, we ought to look at no on-street parking or something when it comes to snowstorms," she said.

Council president Ken Robertson said this might be needed with "storms of a certain magnitude," such as the last one.

Seeley said council might look at requiring compliance, for example, within a certain time after a snowstorm, like 48 hours. She said council also needs to take into consideration people who don't have a driveway.

"It was brought up before, we just haven't had a snow since then for it to have been an issue," she said.

"When streets like Main Street get narrowed down to one lane … and if we had a fire emergency or something like that, it would be pretty bad, so this is something we're going to have to look into," Robertson said.

Seeley said the street and police committees will review the ordinance and bring it back to council with proposed changes.

Seeley provided council with an update on the West Union Street Bridge project, which is now finished. The bridge was damaged in the April 2011 flooding.

She said that DYCON Construction Northeast completed the job the week of Dec. 6, and she and borough street department superintendent Kurt Bastion met with representatives of DYCON and the engineers at Stiffler-McGraw to inspect the work.

"All was approved," she said.

The total cost was $17,550, and the borough will be submitting the expenditure to FEMA for reimbursement.

Seeley provided council some information regarding a year-end update of 2012 budget figures.

"In the general fund, we were to the positive of $48,260.28; liquid fuels, we were to the positive of $6,158.59; street light fund, we were to the positive of $312.46; fire fund, we were to the negative of $4,862.02; and street repair, we were to the positive of $8,834.80 - compared to what was budgeted," Seeley said.

Council approved two financial transactions for 2013, one authorizing Seeley to transfer money during the year to maintain funds until annual receipts are available, and one authorizing her to transfer money during the year from a surplus budget item to those for which a shortage might occur so the 2013 budget will be maintained in balance, in the event that the actual expenditures exceed appropriations.

Borough council agreed to purchase a used, demo-model copier with printing, faxing and scanning capabilities for $2,800 from Huffman's of Williamsport, at state contract pricing and a with a full year's warranty. Each year thereafter, council will have the option for a maintenance agreement on the machine. Seeley said council budgeted $4,000 for equipment, so there is enough money for the purchase.

Seeley said the current printer quit working recently, and she has been using the chamber of commerce printer. She also said the copier is "on its last legs" and can no longer be repaired.

Seeley reported that the liquid fuels audit was completed with no findings or observations.

Robertson commended Bastion and the street department for their work during the recent big snowstorm.

He called it a "real baptism of fire" for Bastion, since he is new in the street superintendent job and this was his first time responding to such a large storm.

It was reported that eight people have applied to be lifeguards this summer at the War Memorial Pool.

Council met in executive session for personnel and litigation matters.

After the executive session, council authorized a $1,000 expenditure for a computer for the street department to be used to keep track of storms, vehicle maintenance, and inventory.

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