CANTON TWP. - A project by Verizon Wireless to build a telecommunications tower this year at a site in Canton Township has hit a snag.

At the Canton Township supervisors meeting this week, a letter was shared from the Bradford County Conservation District informing Verizon Wireless that the plan it submitted has been found to be "inadequate for erosion and sediment pollution control."

In the Jan. 16 letter, the conservation district indicated that it had completed its initial review of the erosion and sediment control plan for the project.

In addition, the letter stated, that the plan "does not meet the minimum requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) rules and regulations, Chapter 102, Erosion and Sediment Control and The Clean Streams Law."

The conservation district then lists additional information and/or corrections that must be provided in order to continue processing the requested plan review. A total of 17 technical items are listed.

The project is aimed at improving Verizon Wireless service in and around the Canton area.

When asked for comment, John O'Malley, public relations manager for the Upstate New York Region of Verizon Wireless, said, "we typically submit a plan with features to control soil erosion per the state DEC. Sometimes they request more so we add more to the site plan. The updates are in progress."

He said is Verizon working to comply with conservation district's request.

Earlier this year, O'Malley had stated that the 195-foot tower will be built at a site off North Minnequa Street.

"We are planning to build the Canton Township site this year, but we don't have a construction date yet," he said, when asked for comment in January. "We're in the process of updating the permits to reflect some changes in state regulations. There's also a fair amount of additional back-office work we need to do before we put the site out to bid for construction. We also need to work it into our overall construction schedule."

"Long story short, we do plan to build the site this year, but I don't have a date for when that (will) take place."

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