With renovations to Howard Elmer Park complete, Sayre officials have set their sights on another of the borough's landmarks - Island Pond.

Borough councilman Bob Flick, head of the council's public works committee, is in the planning stages to make improvements to the pond. Flick presented a drawing of his vision for the pond, drawn by Sayre High School art teacher Dana Twigg, at Thursday's council meeting.

Flick said he would like to remove the deteriorating wooden dock that sits on the island and over the water. The dock needs work and "is falling apart," he said.

The dock would be replaced with a concrete walkway around the perimeter of the island, accessible by a ramp from the street, Flick said. A flagpole would be placed in the center of the island, and a three- to four-foot brick wall would be installed where the dock currently sits, he said.

The paver stones that would make up the wall would be inscribed with the names of people and groups currently carved into the dock's planks, Flick said.

Benches would also be placed in the area, a popular fishing spot, so people could relax close to the water, he said.

The improvements would make the park easier to maintain and more accessible while keeping the area's original intent as a memorial to those who have contributed to the pond's beautification, Flick said.

Flick is pricing out the parts of the project with local contractors and hopes to have an idea of the total cost soon so he can present it to the council's budget committee. The borough may also be able to use funds anticipated from the impact fee levied on natural gas activity for the project, he said.

Work at Island Pond could start as soon as next year if officials approve the project, Flick said.

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