TOWANDA TOWNSHIP - Chapel Street in Towanda Township could become two-way along its entire length.

The Towanda Township supervisors are scheduled to vote tonight on an ordinance that would allow two-way traffic on the section of Chapel Street that begins at South Main Street and ends at Center Street, said Gary Scranton, township supervisor. Currently, traffic is only allowed to travel east on that section of Chapel Street.

Scranton said it is "pretty likely" that the ordinance will pass. "Our residents have been requesting it (making it two-way) for some time," he said.

Scranton and Towanda Township Supervisor Charlotte Sullivan said it would be safer for motorists if Chapel Street were two-way along its entire length.

Despite the posted signage, a lot of motorists traveling south on Center Street make a right turn onto Chapel Street, so that they are traveling the wrong way on the one-way section of Chapel Street, Sullivan said. And, despite posted signs, a lot of motorists exiting from the Proper Authorities self-storage facility onto Chapel Street are also making a right turn, so that they too are traveling the wrong way on Chapel Street, she said.

Because the western section of Chapel Street is one-way, motorists on Center Street or Chapel Street who want to reach South Main Street must travel north on Center Street to the very dangerous intersection of Center Street and Liberty Corners Road, where there are poor sight distances, Scranton said. It would be safer for them to reach South Main Street via Chapel Street, he said.

The increase in commercial traffic on Chapel Street in recent years is another reason for making the street two-way, he said.

For safety reasons, the western section of Chapel Street was made one-way several years ago, because motorists traveling west on Chapel Street had a steep approach to the intersection with South Main Street, Scranton said. That approach has since been leveled out to an extent, which makes the intersection safer, he said.

A public hearing on the proposed ordinance will take place at 6 p.m. tonight at the Towanda Township Office Building, 44 Chapel Street. Later tonight, the vote would take place.

If the ordinance passes, Chapel Street would immediately become two-way along its entire length, Sullivan said.

The supervisors are also scheduled to vote tonight on an ordinance that requires stop signs and yield signs at certain intersections in the township, Sullivan said. The stop and yield signs have already been in place, but the ordinance needs to be passed to shield the township from liability if there were accidents at the intersections, she said.

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