Chesapeake Energy Corp. recently donated a 2010 Ford Explorer from its corporate fleet to Bradford County Emergency Management Agency.

Public Safety Director Bob Barnes said the vehicle will replace a 1990 Ford and will be used as a transport vehicle.

"Given our recent experience with the flood, the ability to carry passengers and do things like damage assessment and incident management has become a priority," he said. "This vehicle will certainly enable us to meet those needs."

Barnes also said the vehicle will allow the department to get to the 911 tower sites for regular maintenance and management. The department must go to each 911 tower site at least once a month to check the generators and test equipment to make sure everything is working properly. After a heavy rainfall or snowstorm, it can be difficult to get to the 911 tower site without a four wheel drive vehicle.

"We're very grateful to Chesapeake and everyone who helped make this possible," he said.

Chesapeake representative Jane Clements, Manager of Community Affairs presented the pickup to Barnes.

Bradford County Commissioners expressed their thanks to Chesapeake Energy for providing the agency with a much-needed vehicle.

Submitted by the Bradford County Commissioners