Doc's Irish Inn in Canton held its third annual chili competition on Super Bowl Sunday where patrons sampled and judged chili offered by contestants.

This year a total of seven people entered their chili recipes for a chance at an assortment of small prizes given out to winners.

Inn manager Amanda Palmer said that each year can be hit or miss on Super Bowl Sunday in terms of activity at the bar. The chili contest, she said, has helped a lot, because it is something that the people look forward to.

The chili is judged on by patrons of the bar, so anyone could come and sample the seven different chilies available.

The judging is separated into five different categories; aroma, consistency, color, taste, and aftertaste.

Jerry Stone, who has been a participant since the first event three years ago, said that the contest is not about winning or losing. Stone entered a non-traditional chicken chili for this year's contest. The chili had peppery undertones and an almost soup like consistency.

Stone said it is fun to come to the bar and enjoy hot chili, cold beer, and share a creation with others who may enjoy it on a cold winter day.

"It's just a good time, we don't take it serious, we just have fun," Stone said.

Another three year veteran of the contest, Mark Elmstrom, of Canton, agreed with Stone.

"This is such a good time for everyone here, and it's fun to watch people try the different chilies," Elmstrom said.

Elmstrom offered a hot chili this year, which had a sweet initial taste to it before the spices started to kick in for an added "push."

Both Elmstrom and Stone noted that they both have a secret ingredient they would never share with anyone.

A first time contestant, Rose Hamilton, was excited to see how her chili would be received by the locals. Hamilton, of Shunk, but originally from Canton, offered a mild chili at the contest. While new to the competition at Doc's Irish Inn, Hamilton noted that she has won prizes at the Troy Fair for her chili.

The chili wasn't the only talk of the bar, with the Super Bowl game just hours away from kick off Sunday afternoon the three mentioned contestants offered their thoughts on the game. Both Stone and Hamilton thought the San Francisco 49'ers would be taking the win later in the day, while Elmstrom was on the side of the Baltimore Ravens.

Only time would tell who was right, but with bowls of hot chili in each of their hands, there wasn't a rush to find out.

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