FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP - Friends and family of Scott Lamphere, 45, who passed away unexpectedly a week ago, held a "Cold Water Challenge" along the Schrader Creek at Lamoka to raise money for his two youngest children, Trey, 9, and 5-year-old Trent.

Cold Water Challenges have exploded in popularity on Facebook, a online fad that attempts to persuade those nominated by their friends to jump into cold waters on video or make a donation to charity.

Organizers of Saturday's event put a local spin on the challenge and managed to raise over $400, which will be put into a trust for Trey and Trent.

At the gathering, organizers charged $5 for a person to nominate another to jump into the water. If that person refused, they had to donate $10 to the cause. However, through the course of the day, the majority of people donated money regardless of nominations.

Scott's sister Billie Jo Terry and mother Danielle Smith were both at the event, huddled around fires sharing memories of Scott with his friends.

Hot dogs were cooked, stories were told, and memories were shared - but at the end of the day the group hoped to show Scott's children that they have support from the community in their hard times, an organizer said.

Terry said her brother always spoke his mind, and Smith said her son was very "free-spirited."

Scott's aunt, Connie Brown, said Scott was "a good kid. A really good guy."

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