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Remember when:
He was in favor of property tax relief and now he says nothing about it?
He signed the pay raise and then 2 weeks later regretted it?
He was in favor of taxing the new gas wells and then he was not?
Bob 8 January 2010 kl. 12:40
Randell is playing the same old game that Washington plays. Complain about the pork ,but still sign or pass the bill. I guess he thinks we are just too stupid to tell. All part of the hope and change!!!Remember spend spend spend
Enough is enough 8 January 2010 kl. 08:36
Pork in Pennsylvania, politicians lining their own pockets first, unheard of. Whats next?
Midnite 8 January 2010 kl. 07:42
Funny.. Rendell complains about what is included in it but goes ahead and signs it any way!! He is as much at fault as those who wrote it..What a Cry baby..
enough 8 January 2010 kl. 05:35