Members of the Sayre borough council's administration committee continued discussion of two proposed ordinances Tuesday.

Committee members agreed on a fee schedule Tuesday for a proposed ordinance that would assess progressive fees to repeat violators of the borough code. Under the proposed ordinance, the borough would assess a fee of $50, then $75, then $100 for repeat offenses of the code's property maintenance provisions within a 30-day period.

Property owners would continue to receive a written warning for an initial offense, said borough solicitor Jonathan Foster, likely in the form of a door knocker.

Currently, repeat offenders receive a non-traffic citation through district court. However, officials hope the progressive fee system will keep code violations like high weeds and inadequate sidewalks at a minimum more efficiently than through the current system.

"Our goal is that we don't ever write one citation," said borough manager Dave Jarrett.

Committee members also agreed to grant control over policies regarding the borough's surveillance cameras to the borough council in a proposed ordinance that would regulate the devices.

Under the proposed ordinance, the chief of police would oversee the borough's eight downtown cameras on a day-to-day basis, while the borough manager would be responsible for the oversight of cameras on borough property, Foster said. The council would serve as the lead on camera policy.

Officials would monitor the process and ensure those with access to the cameras do not abuse them, Foster said. "You have to have some kind of system where it doesn't go unchecked," he said.

Foster also suggested that any footage retained by borough officials be kept in a secure area. Any footage captured by the surveillance cameras is currently erased after 30 days, Jarrett said, except in the event of an incident. Recordings relevant to a crime are turned over to police, and any incident involving personnel would be forwarded to the borough solicitor, he said.

Signs will also be placed at the borough's major entry points to notify visitors that video surveillance is in use.

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