The Bradford County Airport has been notified by the FCC that a separate radio frequency has been approved for the automated weather sensing equipment at the airport.

According to information provided by Ron Somogy, chairman of the Bradford County Airport Authority, the equipment senses the wind, temperature, cloud ceiling, visibility distance and altimeter setting automatically.

Previously this information was broadcast on the common frequency used by many non-control tower airports. This isn't ideal since it is possible to have broadcasts from other airports overlap. Now with a discrete frequency, just the weather from the Bradford County Airport will be heard. The information is broadcast continuously and updated each minute.

The weather broadcast allows aircrews to be aware of conditions at the airport as much as 50 miles away. This makes planning for the approach to the airport possible well ahead of time.

This information is also available to the public on the internet ( and telephone at (570) 265-1024.

"This is just another step in our mission to make the Bradford County Airport one of the best small airports, in the Northeast and other than local paper work, comes at no cost to the airport," Somogy said.

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