Sentence break

In the District Attorney's report that appeared in the Sunday Daily Review, a sentence between two reports broke incorrectly, giving the false impression that the arresting officer, Steven Vanderpool of the Canton Borough Police Department, had been accepted into the ARD program. The actual report from the Bradford County District Attorney's office reads as follows:

Ryan May, 31, Canton, Pa., charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol in January 2012 by Officer Steven Vanderpool of the Canton Borough Police Department, was accepted into the ARD Program and placed on probation under the supervision of the Bradford County Probation Department for a term of nine months. While on probation, May will be subject to supervision by the Bradford County Probation Department, which supervision will include monitoring for drug or alcohol use. Additionally, May must perform community service with the DUI Litter Brigade and attend a Victim Impact Panel; he will also lose his Pennsylvania driving privilege for 60 days.