Each year the American Cancer Society holds its Daffodil Days fundraiser across the nation, offering daffodil flowers in exchange for donations to the organization.

In Bradford County this year, stands were set up at various locations including Hurley's Supermarket in Towanda.

Thanks to the large amount of volunteers this year, those wishing to help were put on two hour shifts, making the cold weather less of a problem. The volunteer group at Hurley's, who were originally stationed outside on Thursday have since been invited inside by the store manager to take refuge from the freezing temperatures.

State Rep. Tina Pickett was present around noon on Friday as she donated her time to helping sell the flowers at Hurley's.

Speaking of the vast amount of people that cancer affects, Pickett said, "When people come and buy it's clear there is some sort of healing or positive factor for them."

She also spoke of the joy it brought her to help for the cause, comparing it to the Salvation Army Kettle Drive during Christmas season.

"I love seeing when a parent gives their child the money to come bring it to us, because it not only teaches them giving and understanding, but you can see how excited they are doing it," she said.

Volunteer Diane Elliott explained that she helps out because cancer has affected those in her life.

"We all know someone who has or had cancer," Elliott said.

For those wishing to purchase, today will be the last chance to buy daffodils to benefit the ACS, as it was recently announced this will be the last year for the program. Instead, more focus will be put on larger programs such as Relay for Life.

Volunteers will be posted at Hurley's today from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. selling daffodils for $10 a bunch, $1 for a single flower, and $12 for a potted plant.

All proceeds will go directly to the ACS, which works towards eliminating cancer as a major health concern.

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