The following divorces were recorded recently at the Bradford County Courthouse.

August Divorces

Janet B. McClure from Ronald G. McClure

Patricia Ann Amentler from Athony J. Amentler

Dana Dorman from Warren Todd Dorman

Matthew Pavey from Tara Pavey

Megan Wright from Daniel Wright

Robin L. Crofut from John M. Crofut

Cynthia Ann Matthews from Clarence H. Matthews

Darin T. Chaffee from Kerri L. Smith Chaffee

Kristine Lunsford from Jackie Lunsford

James W. Bennett from Loyellen Bennett

Joy C. Norton from Matthew D. Norton

Michael H. Caldwell from Kelly A. Caldwell

Katie Ann Brandow from Parveen Kumar

Jeffrey A. King from Stefania King

Shelley Ann Rogers from Rick Rogers

Heather A. Shedden from Paul R. Shedden

Jill E. Balisalisa from Darryl Balisalisa

Leslie Bennett from Courtney Bennett

Adam L. Brown from Melissa L. Sampson

Gene L. McMurray from Annemarie B. McMurray

Emilee M. Johnson from Brian S. Johns Jr.

Renee Rose Francisco from Michael Alan Duval

Rocky Porter from Shelly Porter

Shaun Sandor from Christina Sandor

Edward James Madden from Deborah Ann Madden

David J. Kreider from Susan Marie Kreider

Victoria N. Wagner from Richard J. Wagner

Ross F. Ridenour from Claire M. Ridenour

Robert Sutcliffe from Maureen K. Sutcliffe

September Divorces

Adam M. Petlock from Erin M. Petlock

Donna L. West from David A. West

Candy M. Wolfe from Garry E. Wolfe

Michael Edward Snyder from Janet Louise Snyder

William P. Tuttle from Mary Lou Tuttle

Erica J. Abdelrahman from Ahmed N. Abdelrahman

Mindy Ryan from Casey Ryan

Kristy Fisher from Gary Fisher

Laurie J. Kerlin from Russell R. Kerlin

Becky Lee Chamberlain from Corey John Chamberlain

Heatherlyn Hoose from Jason Paul Hoose