The selection of the jury for the criminal homicide trial of John DeSisti of Waverly, N.Y., has been put on hold so that an evaluation can be done to determine whether he is competent to stand trial, court records show.

On April 24, Bradford County President Judge Jeffrey Smith ordered the administration of the Bradford County Correctional Facility to provide a "suitable private place" at the jail for three doctors to evaluate DeSisti's competency to stand trial.

The location for the evaluation was to be made available from Monday, April 30 until the evaluation is completed.

The judge's orders state that the doctors would be evaluating DeSisti's competency "in as expeditious a fashion as possible."

Jury selection has been postponed twice since April 24.

A criminal competency hearing for DeSisti has been scheduled before Judge Smith on May 11 in Courtroom 1 at the Bradford County Courthouse.

DeSisti, 75, has been charged by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office with two counts of murder in connection with the deaths of David and Carol Keeffe of Athens Township.

DeSisti is accused of having entered the Keeffes' home in November 2006, and killing them with a shotgun. A grand jury investigation conducted into the case revealed that DeSisti and Carol Keeffe, who are cousins, were involved in a property dispute in New York state at the time of the killings, in which DeSisti was reported to have built a house on property owned by Carol Keeffe. This and other evidence presented at the hearing led to a recommendation by the grand jury in September 2010 to file charges against DeSisti in connection with the Keeffes' deaths.

DeSisti is currently incarcerated at the Bradford County Correctional Facility.

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